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November 17 2017

sometimes you listen to a specific song when all you want is listen to a memory.
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me experiencing love: this is too spicy


me: *has a breakdown over smth stupid*
me @ me:

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my mum just bought our cat a christmas stocking even tho we are muslims and dont even celebrate christmas?? she was like ‘we dont know what religion he is we cant force him to be muslim’ hes a cat ?

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November 14 2017

Feelings please go away that’d be fab. Man fuck this

Lol I’m an idiot…

Is it possible to embarrass yourself to death? If so someone start CPR

Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks
— (via thegoodvybe)
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my mom might’ve raised an emotionally vacant child with severe depression and anxiety but she didn’t raise a quitter


my kink is deleting self promos off posts before i reblog them

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Some of my personal collection ✨

My boyfriend is so smart… when my results come in it’s going to be a huge disappointment 😂😂😂

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