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June 22 2017


Getting flagged as nsfw on social media sites is gay culture


im glad dogs cant read the “no dogs allowed” signs so they dont feel sad & left out

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When a mutual posts a selfie

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switch your mentality from “i’m broken and helpless” to “i’m growing and healing” and watch how fast your life changes, for the better.


straight friend: is she cute?

me: well first of all, all girls are cute, so jot that down

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Champion // Fall Out Boy

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June 21 2017




dont be rude to people who choose to finish school before they get a job

dont be rude to people who choose to quit school in order to get a job

not everyone is capable to handle both at the same time

dont give me your shitty life story of “well i work 100000 hours and i STILL manage to find time for my homework. if i can do it u can do it too” like literally shut the fuck up no one cares and no not everyone can.


Someone show my parents this lol

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Amethyst and natural citrine for your viewing pleasure 💜✨💜

April 09 2017



My boyfriend just woke up, mostly still asleep and told me “don’t worry, it’s getting better” in a heavy, American accent, which is unusual for an Australian man.

“Why are you American?” I asked, to which I got:

“Sorry, it’s getting better” in a stereotypical posh English accent.

“Why are you English?” I asked, amused.

“What is he normally?” He managed to ask.

“He? You’re not anyone else, you’re you.”

“Ugh, me” was the last thing he said, in a right proper Aussie accent before he fell back into proper sleep.

Bitch just thwarted a ghost possession by judging his accents



what’s the mood for tuesday

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