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January 06 2018


dylan o'brien coming back to twitter after 261768 years just to call logan paul a gigantic piece of shit is a mood


Timmy Turner’s dad was breaking gender roles before all y'all


Y’all are awfully communist for a bunch of people who hate group projects



there are only five genders, scary, sporty, posh, ginger and baby

there are only five
genders scary sporty posh
ginger and baby

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ah shit

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The bisexual stereotype is true. I am bi and I can’t decide anything. I have never made a decision in my life.



Whenever you’re feeling sudden calm its because I took your voodoo doll out for a picnic on a grassy hill

thank you

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I’m ok. I’m gonna be ok. I’m gonna live a beautiful life and I’ll get to know beautiful people. I will create things of beauty and be surrounded by flowers. And I’ll love myself, and I’ll be soft, I’ll be kind. And I’ll be ok.

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January 05 2018


Trying to explain the onset of a relapse to my dietitian / therapist like


I’m sleepy and I wish I was kissing you.


u know what’s really fun and in style right now? making others feel loved and valued

Friendly reminder




“Doing your best” does not mean working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown.

this one still smashes me in the face ten times a year. do not ignore pain, it’s no longer your best at that point

it’s no longer your best at that point


my toxic ass thoughts as they keep me up at 2 am:

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This thread is the purest form of girls having girls backs.


Me after one cup of coffee : i am beautiful and fast

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